Is a High-Efficiency Heat Pump Worth the Money?

March 12, 2020

When you start researching a high-efficiency heat pump in Saint Petersburg, Florida, you could notice a higher price. And you may question whether the added expense will be worthwhile. We have an answer for you.

It can be difficult to realize the advantages of a high-efficiency heat pump from only a daily perspective. When you think over the fact your heating bill makes up more than half of your energy expenses, you can see why increasing energy efficiency is a smart choice. And high-efficiency heat pumps could save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills.

How Do I Determine a Heat Pump’s Efficiency?

You’ll notice that heat pumps have a HSPF, or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, classification.

The better the HSPF classification, the more efficient the equipment heats and cools. A bigger number means a smaller amount of energy is needed and may reduce energy costs.

Choose an Investment in a Comfortable Home with a High-Efficiency Heat Pump

It’s also important to consider that while introductory costs are greater for a high-efficiency heat pump, you will get a return once your utility bills begin getting smaller. And what’s a greater investment than experiencing a comfortable home? Our techs can also see if there are any tax reductions to lower the price of your modern heat pump.

With a heat pump, you’re enhancing efficiencies annually since it works as a twin heating and cooling system.

If you still have questions about high-efficiency heat pumps or the advantages it will bring your residence, Hale's Air Conditioning Services Inc is ready to support you! Our experts can walk you through your solutions and help you pick which unit will match your needs.

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