How Much Will a Brand New Heat Pump Cost?

February 24, 2020

Regardless of whether you’ve been planning for heat pump installation in Saint Petersburg or it’s an unplanned purchase, your first question is justifiably focused on price.

Landlords generally pay between $4,068–$7,160 for a mid-quality heat pump, says HomeAdvisor.

High-efficiency heat pumps typically cost $7,000¬–$10,000, but they guarantee continued cost savings. Plus, their value could be paid back by cash back discounts, especially for geothermal or solar models.

Nevertheless, it’s vital to note your price may vary based on model, install and efficiency. And there’s a lot of other factors that effect expenses.

Consequently it’s important to speak with an HVAC technician like Hale's Air Conditioning Services Inc at 727-369-6195 about which heat pump is correct for your home.

Here are a couple of distinct facts that contribute to heat pump price.

Heat Pump Efficiency

You should first consider what model of heat pump is best suited for your needs.

Heat pumps come in single-stage, multi-stage and cost-effective, variable-speed models. Our experts can walk you through what each has to offer and discuss which brand would work best in your house.

There are several other elements that contribute to selecting a brand new heat pump, from performance ratings to different technologies. Thankfully, we have a wide range of reasonably priced models that provide the contentment you expect.

Heat Pump Size

There are a lot of different sizes. Picking the incorrect one could create additional bills or comfort problems.

If your heating system is too big, it won’t have to operate very long to get to the selected temperature. This means it’ll continually be warming up or cooling down. It’ll operate with more energy than it needs to, which can make it quit earlier than expected and increase your utility bill.

If your heat pump is not big enough, it’s not going to be able to keep up. You’ll realize your house isn’t the temperature you’d want. And once more, the HVAC system will be not functioning properly.

A qualified expert like one from Hale's Air Conditioning Services Inc can perform an energy evaluation. This will determine exactly which system you need.

An electrical evaluation provides:

  • Size
  • Regional temperatures
  • Insulation
  • House construction
  • Dwelling size
  • Roofing


This gives a more precise assessment of which heat pump size will be right for your house.

Find the Appropriate Heat Pump with Superior Support from Hale's Air Conditioning Services Inc.

Starting the process of looking for the newest heat pump can be intense. Even so the specialists at Hale's Air Conditioning Services Inc can help.

We’ll evaluate your residence and support you to determine the most effective choice for you and your loved ones.

Call us at 727-369-6195 or contact us by email to start the process as soon as possible.